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Efficiency and compliance can and should work together for the good of the company. That is how we run our business and it is how we approach all projects. What good does it do a company if we simply come in and point out all the issues, without providing solutions for remediation and implementation? Every project results in maximizing compliance efficiency and accuracy by leveraging a working knowledge of US and global AML regulations and operational workflows.

Palmera Consulting will ensure that your company is set firmly on the path to long-term compliance success. Efficiency is the key to unlocking this success.

Inefficiencies in AML Lead to Noncompliance



Sarah Beth Felix (Whetzel) CAMS, M.F.S.


Sarah Beth has an unrivaled ability to quickly assess many of the ways in which a criminal could exploit a payment platform, marketplace transaction flow, bank or loan product and investment vehicle. In the AML world, being able to put yourself in the shoes of an individual who is attempting to exploit the financial system and in turn, create processes to identify the illicit fund flows is a necessary skill.

She is recognized in the compliance industry for her ability to navigate and operationalize global AML/CTF regulations to custom fit various environments and risk profiles. She has over 16 years of experience using her ‘criminal mind’ for good. Along with that mindset, in remediation and software validation roles, she envisions and implements technological changes to maximize efficiency throughout an institution’s compliance regime. She is considered an expert in distilling FATF, Wolfsberg, EBA, and FinCEN guidance into actionable and effective risk-based programs.

“Inefficiencies in AML Lead to Noncompliance” is one of Sarah Beth’s most often-heard quotes. She excels in finding and correcting inefficiencies which is considered as one of her greatest value-adds to any organization. She is a highly sought after speaker with engagements in the Caribbean and throughout the U.S. Her vision for Palmera Consulting is to provide solutions that increase the accuracy and effectiveness of an organization’s AML compliance program.

Sarah Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Taylor University and a Master of Science in Forensics (M.F.S.) from Stevenson University. She has been CAMS certified for 13 years.