AML/Sanctions Fixers:
Dodging Drama, Delivering Results

Delivering effectiveness-focused AML/Sanctions advisory services so your firm can thrive.

Global Clients

Strategically supporting global clients across diverse financial sectors.

  • Banks (TradFis)
  • FinTechs
  • Payment Firms
  • RegTechs
  • Trust & Private Banking
  • Insurance Firms
  • Securities & Investment Firms

Tailored Solutions

Expertly crafted solutions for effective AML/Sanctions compliance positioning.

  • Remediations
  • New products/services
  • Payment Advisory
  • BaaS partner readiness
  • AML validations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Sanctions frameworks

Speaking Engagements: Gaining Momentum with Expert Insights

About Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth Felix, holding a master’s in forensic studies and CAMS certification for over 20 years, leads in finding dirty money with her AML and Sanctions innovations. Beyond Palmera Consulting, she impacts the field through speaking and lecturing, sharing her expertise and inspiring action against financial crime.

Proactively Driving Compliance Through Expertise in AML and Sanctions Challenges

We're here to guide you through every step, ensuring your operations not only meet but exceed compliance standards. Let's safeguard your business against costly penalties and enhance its regulatory resilience.
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Staggering $25 Billion in AML Penalties: A stark reminder of the costly consequences of non-compliance. Ensure your firm isn't next.
$2.5 Billion in Sanctions Penalties: Highlighting the high stakes of regulatory oversight. Navigate the complexities with us to stay clear of financial fallout.
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Innovative Insights:
Highlighting Strategic Solutions

AML Officer Authority

Eight years ago I wrote about the illusion of authority. Encouraging banks to be serious about their culture of compliance. The illusion is still happening. I get calls daily from AML Officers (please stop calling them BSA Officers) telling me that their boss’s boss didn’t approve their simple ask for an extra half FTE. Insanity. 

AML Summit Success

Just completed one of the best in person learning events in Dublin. The crew at put on a stellar, highly operational summit bringing together key stakeholders in the public and private sector, operational experts, and just all around good people from all over the EU, UK, MENA, and the US. 

Avoid Penalties

Sarah Beth Felix’s insights and achievements have been featured in renowned publications such as Financial Times, WSJ, CNBC, Reuters, and The Washington Post, among other esteemed outlets.